Peary Pie

           Peary Pie, whose real name is Amata Jittasaenee, is a make-up artist. She was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She celebrates her birthday every January 23, 1988. This year, she is 24 years old. She has a perfect face and body .She has black hair, brown eye and beautiful lips. Her family belongs to a high society in Thailand. Her mother is a good business woman.
           She studied high school at Central St Martin’s for 3 years and finished a degree in performance and practice at University of Arts, London for 4 years. Her years aboard gave her multi-cultural contrasting experiences that influenced her arts and ideas. She is interested in movements, characters, identities and the relationships between audience and performers within unusual environments. She represented the college at V&A  museum , UK Design for Performance exhibition in 2007 . In 2009-2020, she participated in performance collaborations at Cochran Theatre, firstly with the Peter Williams Design for Dance and also with demonstration Demolition Project.
           In conclusion, she is an accomplished freelance make-up artist. Her work had been seen on fashion shows, magazines as well as Beauty Clinic in Thailand. She had also worked with many young up-coming photographers and designers both in London and Bangkok .She recently graduated in Global Management at Regents London. She would like to continue her design work in fashion industry and non-traditional theatre-based performance. Her dream is to open her own new brand of cosmetic line and a school in cosmetology in Bangkok, Thailand.

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